Hard Nosed Journalism

I was interviewed and was as eloquent as usual:

Full article text is here.


  1. Excellent quote! I'm a Coke man myself, having grown up in the South (well, Coca-Cola or RC, though I much prefer Coke).

    Looking forward to seeing you at the reading this evening.

  2. Hahahhahaha--OMG, Charlie, this made me laugh and laugh. Thank you!

  3. this is hilarious. i'm totally a coke gal. wait...that doesn't sound right...

  4. bwahahahaha!

    IU has a Coke-only contract. No Pepsi to be found anywhere on campus. I'm a diet Coke girl myself -- lately I've been bringing in 12-packs and keeping a can in the department fridge at all times, though, because it's incredibly cheaper than putting money into the machine all the time.

    Gotta have that cold fizzy brown stuff. ;)

  5. I've had the opposite experience. As someone who prefers Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke (DP seems less fizzy and sweeter to me, but I like it that way), I worked on two campuses -- the University of Florida and Nova Southeastern University -- where the exclusive contract with Pepsi was replaced by one with Coke.

    I've heard of campuses where the contracts switch every few years.

    Back in the day, colleges used to offer freedom of choice.

    Coming up next: ASU will offer donors "naming opportunities" for the soda machines.

  6. Coke should hire you as a spokesmodel. :)

  7. in the day I drank enuf Coke to not have any bones left.

  8. Coke should use your quote in an upcoming advertising campaign.

    I like smuggling in my own Coke (!) so then people on my Pepsi-only campus are all, "Dude, where'd you get that effin' Coke, yo?" and I can just gloat and smile at my mini-fridge.