The Debt

I owe you:

> the last Legitimate Dangers Deathmatch results: did Brian Teare best Sabrina Orah Mark? You'll have to wait and see. Maybe this will wait until Sunday and I do a double-headed LDDM update. Oops, I mean, double-header. Sorry! I spent the evening with Eduardo C. Corral last night and now I can't shake the innuendo.

Oh, goodness, and I didn't mean... oh, well.

> a quick rundown of the reading at Casa Libre en la Solana last night. Casa Libre itself is gorgeous, a gift to writers, and the reading was wonderful: Eduardo, Gina Franco, Simmons B. Buntin. Superstars all, and charming hosts. Thank you for your hospitality and for introducing me to Casa Libre.

> Something substantial here. Remember when this blog was full of intelligent, witty musings about poetry? No, I don't either—perhaps I'm romanticizing things a bit. But, still, I would like to share something of substance with you. Please don't hold your breath. Unless you are underwater.


  1. Hey Charlie, it was great finally meeting you, too. And thanks much for your help in setting up/taking down. Folks: If you need good manual labor, Charlie and his cohort Josh won't let you down. Although, it could have been Eduardo's supervision that moved them along....

    Hmmm, my word verification is "armfx." Intriguing.

  2. Charlie, if I could marry whoever's a regular in my personal filmfests I'm sure I'd have a hard, ahem, time paying attention to what's on the screen.