Clark Gable

"I kissed you in a way Clark Gable would admire;
I thought it classic."

Several years ago, a close friend of mine listed this as the best break up song. It's true. It is.

* * *

Now planning full rewrite of most of manuscript 1. I have already rewritten the first two poems successfully and I see how they work better. Some other poems in that book were too oblique. I want them to be more real.

"I want so badly to believe
that there is truth, that love is real."

* * *

In the mail yesterday I got:
The New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader
The Book of Accident, Beckian Fritz Goldberg.

I read Beckian's book in manscript form before interviewing her with Sarah Vap a few years ago (and the interview is now forthcoming from Gulf Coast!) It's amazing. Only Beckian could bring together teenage apathy, Chernobyl, and media culture in a cohesive collection.

Read it.

* * *

Coming from Netflix:
Y Tu Mamá Tambien

Gael García Bernal has been in my house so much this month I'm thinking of charging him rent. Or marrying him. It will be a big filmic gay love fest at my place once these films arrive.

* * *

It rained last night. Thick, heavy rain with a light show to boot. I told a friend earlier, I hope you get your rain. I just hope I'm not out there in it. But then I was out there, walking back to the car and pretending to jump in puddles. When it rains in Phoenix it gets very quiet. On the car radio, he played "Dreams": "Thunder only happens when it rains." He pointed out this is factually untrue, but somehow we understood what it meant. The rain continued for several hours; it was there when I climbed into my bed and in the morning, I could still feel it in the cool air. I stepped out of my car and the rain appeared all over my glasses as a fog. It means the world continues to change.


  1. Two fanstastic films. "Wilde" is hot (full frontal on a beautiful young Jude Law) and ultimately sad. Stephen Freers is perfect as Oscar.

    Did you see "Bad Education" with Gael? He's even hotter in that.

  2. Not that you need someone to re-affirm the awesomeness of your Beckian Fritz Goldberg interview. But it is awesome, and Gulf Coast are some lucky *&%#%s to get it. Congrats man.

  3. I absolutely love Gael García Bernal as well. Though this month appears to be Akira Kurosawa month for me, June was definitely Bernal month.

    I still remember the rain in Phoenix the morning after the concert. I don't want to forget the way the lightning lit the sky behind the stage of the amphitheatre. There were thirty-thousand people and not one was looking at the band, not one was sober. I ended up with a few girls that night before stumbling back into my sister’s new apartment and collapsing on the plastic-wrapped couch. I ditched them to see Blake Shelton after spending three hours in the U-Haul trailer. I remember seen the dust jump into the air, the palm trees crack and crumple, and a single flash of lightning before it rained. I waited it out in a fruit-stand on University Drive. Then I photographed the Grady Gammage in the clearing storm. (I am, afterall, still the architecture student.) That is one thing I miss of Phoenix, the rain.