Carry On

Last night, Helena Handbasket and Helen Back hosted me for a Project Runway premiere party at their house, which included the following show-inspired elements:

bow-tie pasta with button mushrooms
wine (because there is whining on the show)
general fabulousness
Santino-inspired Michael Kors impressions

I wore a special outfit consisting entirely of Gap brands (parent company of Bahnahnah Republic), topped off with my classic "B. Republic" tee. Helen Back also wore some Banana; we were both shocked to discover that the mentorship with the Banana Republic design team was not one of the prizes! How embarrassing for us as we kowtowed to the old design regime...

It looks to be an interesting season. My favorite designs last night were Alison, Michael, Keith, Kayne, Robert, Katherine, and Laura.

Current top finalist predictions: Alison, Robert, Laura.


  1. My new crush is Keith. Daniel Vosovic who? ;-)

  2. Sounds like a fun party!
    Dean and I watched here in Seattle. I loved Laura and Keith's designs. Robert seems like a contender. Vincent and Jeffery were pretty awful, though. I love to hate Jeffery already.

  3. We enjoyed your company very much, Charlie.

    I had real problems remembereing all (any) of the characters, possibly due to alcohol and bowtie pasta consumption. Jeffery's neck was already pronounced enough without the scrawls on his already ample gullet. Kind of like a boring Marquis de Sade.

    Who was the guy with the hat? He was so awful I want him to carry on through for another few episodes. Mr Pseudo-English-Accent Guy has a dirty laugh, so he can stay. Michael (is it Michael?) is a cool guy with sensitive deign talent - nice work with the coffee filters yesterday.

    I hope the mother of 5 makes it to the finals. I like her.

  4. I missed season two of PR. I caught up a bit with the season two marathon yesterday.

    That Robert Best looks very familiar. Where have I seen him??
    Barbie dress maker. LOL. Gayest job ever.