Save the Date

ASU Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference
Feb 21-Feb 24, 2007

Featuring the Unique Talents of
Walter Mosley (Devil in a Blue Dress)
Tony Hoagland (What Narcissism Means to Me)
Diana Gabaldon (The Fiery Cross)
Claudia Rankine (Don't Let Me Be Lonely)
Gail Tsukiyama (Dreaming Water)
Peter Pereira (Saying the World)
Richard Siken (Crush)
Laurie Notaro (Autobiography of a Fat Bride)
Kevin McIlvoy (The Complete History of New Mexico)
Carolyn Forché (Blue Hour)
Aaron Shurin (Involuntary Lyrics)
Bernard Cooper (Bill from My Father)
Tania Katan (My One Night Stand with Cancer)

and yes, even more!


  1. How many ways can I say "jealous"? What a freakin line up!

  2. OMG your new photo - is that a BEAR sniffing your ass?!!!

  3. Not to mention T.R. Hammer leaving the Georgia Review to come to ASU. Pretty frickin' impressive.