I've Been Making Some Changes

Today I decided to stop simultaneously submitting work to magazines.

Two reasons:

1. I don't feel desperate to get my work into the world anymore. It's out there and it lingers. That's enough for me.


2. I don't have enough work, time, or energy to send out batches and batches of work.

So, I'm targeting journals, focusing my submissions, and hoping for the best.

* * *

The new project unfolds so slowly. So few poems are written: weeks go by without anything new, but I revise the old stuff. I think about how they should line up together like thin posts. They need connective tissue, little sutures in between the weighter pieces. Lyric moments. I know how to do this. I'm letting it take time.

This is a change that may indicate I no longer fear death.

* * *

Something I love:

I'll keep giving all I'm given to
love, there's no other revenge.

          —Christopher Davis

The kind of couplet that makes you want to plant a kiss on Christopher Davis. I'll keep loving all. I'm given to love—there's no other. (Revenge)

* * *

Been really busy lately. Blog is suffering my reduced attentions.

Outside it feels like an oven.


  1. semitemos ni ym stnap sti na nevo litnu enoemos snottunbnu ym ylf dna stel tuo eht maets.

  2. Blogs are suppose to be fun, not work.