I'm Learning This the Hard Way (There's No Other Way)

For new project I have a 30-page poem, a 10-page poem, and 2 one-page poems so far. I need more of these smaller pieces.

Here is what I know:

Each piece will be without a title.
The longer pieces will be their own sections and the smaller pieces will form connective tissue between the major sections.
I know the project's overall title.
The current epigraph is from Matthea Harvey: "Fact will muzzle anything."
The 30-page poem needs substantial revision and will probably end up half as long as it currently is.

After this, I'm going to do something much, much lighter. Maybe limericks.

1 comment:

  1. Sans titles is a bold move. You've got my ears perked with the 30 page poem. How are those death matches coming?