Eduardo Is Making a Mockery of My Hair Aesthetic

By pitting me against another nerd-fabulous dude in a Nerd Chic Hunk of the Blogosphere Deathmatch.

Wrote more last night. At the coffeeshop I sat at a table next to a man with a handlebar mustache who was hand writing page after page after page of text and grunting the whole time.

Spent some time in Christopher Davis's The Tyrant of the Past and the Slave of the Future, finishing off the first section. His work is really interesting and strange and compelling. I think I have all his books now, but I haven't read any of the others yet. But I will.

I must find a place to live in 19 days.


  1. You can live with me

    the commute might be a bitch though.

  2. OMG: do tell more . . .? I thought you just redid the kitchen?