Who's That Girl?


  1. What a hot blue-eyed girl for a Saturday night.

    You see, I was just looking online for a nice creative writing c.v. example and came across your site. And now I see that we're in many of the same publications, etc. Small world. Happy birthday a few days late, poet~


  2. Soooo cute. Puppies knock me out! What a sweetie face.
    Is she a schnauser? Or am I totally off.

  3. I adore Arden. I want one of her babies. I mean, if your puppy had puppies I would definitely want one. :-)

  4. I don't know how you ever get anything done. If I had that little puppy face staring at me I would be helpless to do anything but snuggle on her all day long. SO CUTE.

    (My word verification is VWUOYURP which sounds like the noise puppies make after they eat something they shouldn't. Not that your little girl would EVER do that.)