Spam: It's What's for Dinner II

Subject lines of spam emails I received at work last night:

New part-time vacancies available in your area
Message subject
ratess approved
inaudible sensuous
virtuoso grocery
worker laid-back
spinal cord recoil


  1. Inaudible sensuous gelatin at the virtuoso grocery.

    I think you've got your next book title. ;)

  2. We cure any desease! (only not wrong spelling)
    Finding your best mortgagee ratee today(darauf wohl Für) (err ... suree verye coole!)
    confirmation of winnig!!!!! (i am sure miss winnig enjoyed the event)
    cheap oem soft shipping //orldwide (um ...)
    Valium bestseller (is that a very boring book?)
    CHEAP WAY TO BIGGER UR SHORT & THIN D11CK luck (can't blame them for not being inventive ... a new word!)
    and so on and on and on ...