For Christmas this year, I asked for a gift certificate to Neighborhoodies because for some time I've wanted to make my own jacket/sweatshirt thing. It took a few months to get the certificate to work and then a few weeks for the sweatshirt to be made, but I finally got it this week:

I love it! See? It's not like I can't ever be ironic. Tempe (and yes, most of the Phoenix metro area) is one of the ugliest parts of the country I've ever been in, by and large, so I thought it would be funny to have a sweatshirt that turned a blind eye to this fact. Okay, it might not be ugly, but it's definitely not what I'd consider "scenic" by any means.

The sweatshirt is high-quality American Apparel-made, and the lettering is machine-stitched to the garment.


  1. This *is* ironic.
    I was looking for an acrostic or hidden word in Scenic Tempe Arizona, and finally just had to anagram it:

    Citizens Romance Ape.

    hehehehe . . .

  2. I'm having a "Raising Arizona" momment.

    ...don't you come back without a baby, Hi, I need a toddler...