Name That Film

"It looks just like Skinny-n-Sweet, except for the little skull and crossbones on the box."


  1. Hmmm.....Nine to Five?

    Love the extended Snow White fantasy sequence.

  2. I *just* stumbled across that on tv about a week ago and had forgotten how fabulous it is. With Lily and Dolly, how can you lose?

  3. I love all the internal and slant rhyme in the theme song--

    Tumble out of bed and I stumble to the kitchen/
    pour myself a cup of ambition/
    I'm yawning, stretching, trying to come to life

    Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping/
    Out on the street the traffic is jumping/
    with folks like me on the job from 9 to 5

  4. Now they make you work Eight-Thirty to Five. Or to Seven or Eight.

    I miss Dabney Coleman.

  5. Heee...I just got the new DVD of 9 to 5 with the commentary and all the deleted scenes. One of my all-time favorite films.