LOCUS is coming

I'm starting an online journal called LOCUS.

Each edition of LOCUS will feature poetry by guest editors selected from roughly three cities or regions in the U.S. Guest editors will solicit and receive work from their designated areas from, I think, about five poets. Each poet will contribute 10 poems to provide readers with a generous sampling of their work—to get a real sense of what each poet is accomplishing.

Each guest editor will also contribute a brief synopsis of their take on the local poetry scene and the work they've collected for their edition. Therefore, cities and regions can be represented multiple times over times by various editors, each providing insight into poetry's connection to place and community.

The editions will be organized by locus: that is, by the city of origin.

Additionally, I will arrange reading events to correspond with each issue in each city or region featured in LOCUS. The guest editor will need to show up and welcome the audience to the event as I cannot travel to each city, but I will do as much as I can to facilitate the event remotely. Ideally, these events will be recorded and added to the site in podcast format (or, samples of readings will be podcast).

I'm looking for some volunteer guest editors to help create the first issue. I'd like to hit a few regions to start. I'm thinking three of these cities will be featured in the first edition and the rest in subsequent editions:

St. Louis

If you or somone you know lives in one of these cities and is interested in guest editing, please drop me a line.


  1. Hi Charles,

    Great idea.

    Feel free to consider me for Boston.


  2. Awesome idea. Should be fascinating.

  3. Wow, what a great idea--and what, no Delaware? [grin]

  4. Hi Charles,
    Sounds like a terrific idea -- love the logo too :)

    It was great to chat with you at AWP as well -- as has been echoed, it's exciting to actually meet the blogger behind the blog.

  5. Charlie, if you don't pick me for St. Louis, I'll cry like a little girl with a skinned knee!

  6. Definitely a cool idea! I like it when journals have a focus instead of just being The So-And-So Review (much as I actually do like some of the so-and-so reviews).

    Nifty logo, too.

  7. That is a very cool idea. For the 10 poems from each poet, are you expecting only previously unpublished, or is a mix okay? And hopefully you'll branch into smaller metro areas (like down here in Tucson) too.

  8. Love the idea. May I steal it for Canada?

  9. If you need someone for Akron/Cleveland, let me know! (I was shocked to see that Akron wasn't on the list...we have BLIMPS, after all. What's more poetic than a blimp?)

  10. Don't forget Atlanta! :)

  11. My pal Eliot Khalil Wilson is in Minneapolis. He's a great poet.

  12. Bring on OH! But not old poets from OH. Screw them. Publish only emerging ones, please.

    P.S. My god, good idea! Amazing you can think so clearly and smartly so soon after AWP.

  13. Ambitious idea! I'd love to do Seattle, but not the first issue, and only if Rebecca Loudon will guest edit with me. ~grin~

  14. Echo...nice concept, and sharp graphic. Let me know when DC's turn rolls around.

  15. handsome charles, this is a terrific idea. i wouldn't want julie to cry like a baby or i'd offer up st. louis. maybe i'll catch you from the boulder side...i didn't get a chance to chat with you much at the big circus in austin...but i have a feeling i'll see you soon somewhere...

  16. A brilliant idea, Charles. I don't know anyone from any of those cities.


  17. I admire the initiative. I'm sure that it will do well. I would've stolen it for "The Great White North" but I see that I've been beaten to the punch by Brian.

  18. In all seriousness, why limit it to the US?

    If you're going to have a journal themed by place, why not have a broader range of places - issues from Cardiff, Nassau or Auckland might be interesting for all concerned.

    And no, I'm not angling to edit a London edition :)

  19. Ask Maureen for Miami.


  20. Charlie, great to see you at AWP, and sorry we didn't get more of a chance to chat. I vote to combine Denver/Boulder--lots of us here on the east side of Boulder!