Cult of Personality

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  1. This was very cool. Your results are a little surprising (to me) so far! I am going to try to set one up as well.

  2. ...also interesting will be the differences in responses (if there are significant ones) between those who have interacted with you in the meat world and those who have yet to--

  3. I did this even though it creeped me out a little bit. Last year a friend of mine who was having a terrible meltdown asked me to tell him all the things I found wrong with him, to be completely honest and reallly let him know. It worried me that he would bring such brutality on himself and of course I refused. It kind of reminds me of the games that were played in arenas such as Lifespring during the so-called human potential movement. Much damage can be done easily to a human being. We are so fragile.