Annotated Guide to My Desk

An installation I'm calling "(Loosely) Organized Chaos"

And, also, my stack of To-Read books:

Since posting this I have cleaned my desk and restored it to Minimal Chaos.


  1. What a great stack of books. How does one ever decide what to read? Is that Zukofsky's "A" I see?

  2. Hey, I see at least one book twice! :)

  3. Love the Annotated Guide to My Desk. Amusing.

  4. Peter, there's no copy of "A" there—but I wish there were! Mostly I read from top to bottom, but sometimes I skip around, depending on what I'm feeling.

    Diane, there is a duplicate of one book—in Dec I bought one of those books and a few days later received a surprise copy in the mail from a good friend of mine, who snatched it off my Amazon.com wishlist...and the true irony is that I'd already read that book even before I got either copy!