While You Are At Work


  1. Blahahaha. Can I trade lives with the cat? PUHLEEZE?

    Whaddya mean you can't do that for me?

    Dayum. :(


    (grins. thanks for the chuckle)


  2. snerk.

    One time, years ago, when I was living in a second-floor apartment, I walked up to my building after being out for a while and looked up at my living room window & realized the TV was on. Huh, thought I, since I hadn't left the TV on. When I got to my apartment and entered the living room, I found that one of the cats had managed to turn on the TV (the remote had conveniently been knocked to the floor), and another cat (or maybe the same one) had knocked a half-empty package of Oreos to the floor and had started nibbling on them.

    My cats were sitting there watching Dan Rather and eating Oreos while I was out earning a living.

    What a life.