Smile Like You Mean It

Things I'm currently writing:


For the past several weeks I've been existing in the strange limbo of the "encouraging rejection letter." For example: "Loved these, thanks for sending." "Think of us again." "These were close, send again later." "Especially liked '_______'."


Which is good. I like that response better than a blank slip. But people, it also boils down to this: I can't give my poems away. They're free. Just take one.

These things just aren't ready yet. I know that. I'm testing waters. I want to put them out there.

I will continue to work.


  1. Charles, don't fret. I've received a number of thos types of rejections in the last few months.

    "These were close...really liked ____."

    Well, if you really liked it, why didn't you publish it. My favorite rejection lately had this to say:

    "These poems are wonderfully accessible, but ultimately we decided not right for us."


  2. Try SaucyVox(Dot)Com. I'm the editor. From what I've read here, I'd probably publish you. :)

    Feith Stuart

  3. Just take one. Ha. I like that a great deal. Keep at it.