Robots Do Not Know What They Are

Am I a robot?

Half of the time, I am unable to correctly identify the string of letters in the Blogger "word" verification entry boxes.

I type in what I think I see.

Blogger refuses my comment.

Blogger thinks I am a robot.

Am I a robot?

(related: lately I have also noticed an increasing circumstance of dyslexia in my life: I reverse telephone digits, letters when typing and reading. Last night, while playing MarioParty with the man, I incorrectly read one of the notes on the screen as "Let's see how everyone farted!" instead of "Let's see how everyone fared!")

Am I a borot?


  1. At a restaurant I go to now and then, they have little bottles of Louisiana Hot Sauce on the tables. More than once I have misread this as Lesbian Hot Sauce.

    Um. Er.

    Maybe I'm a robot too.

  2. I think you're the coolest robot ever.

  3. Charlie, you've been programed to ask that question.