Recent Good News

Recent poems set free in the world:

Eucalyptus: A journal of the broken narrative: "The Double" (from my forthcoming chapbook)

The Journal: "La Agrado," "La Agrado 2" (from my series of All About My Mother poems)

Lodestar Quarterly: "Dietrichesque," "Quail," "Remainder" (from the prose poem project)

New England Review: "Clean Slate" (appearing in current issue)

New Hampshire Review: "Summer Ends"

Puerto del Sol: "Lapsarian" (from my forthcoming chapbook)

Washington Square: "First Fruit"(from my forthcoming chapbook)


  1. Cheers, Charles!

    Why I told Tony Robinson and not you yet I have no idea. Anyway, the new issue of Quarterly West is in my bag now because you two are in there. Stunning. Lots of penis, but stunning. If I end up at ASU, I'll buy you a drink.

  2. congrats.

    it'll be grand to see "Dietrichesque" again.

  3. Congrats, on your pubs!!! Funny thing is that when I try to set my poems free - most of them keep coming back.

  4. wow, what a great collection of credits! i raise a cup of hot cocoa to you!

  5. WTG! I'm looking forward to reading you soon.

  6. Nice acceptances: you go girl!