Out Foxed

Well, Fox Television has done it again.

In their long tradition of cultivating exciting, innovative programming and then cancelling it, they have reportedly just pulled the ax on the new comedy Kitchen Confidential, which careful kinemapoetics readers will remember I lauded as one of the best new shows this year.

Confidential, a laughtrackless sitcom in the vein of Sports Night, pushed the envelope of its genre with playful editing, smart writing, and great acting by its lead performers, particularly Bradley Cooper as the prone-to-temptation wunderkind chef Jack Bourdain and Bonnie Sommerville as his arch nemesis, wait staff supervisor Mimi.

It's a sad day for television, and for me.


  1. Well crapola. And it came on right after Arrested Development!

  2. I, for one, was severely disappointed with Kitchen Confidential, though I only watched the first episode.

    I was expecting something closer to Bourdain's book on which the show is supposedly based. Instead of being funny and edgy, the first episdoe came off as silly, goofy, trying too hard.

    But (I must confess) I reacted to the first episode of Arrested Development less than favorably as well. Of course, it became one of my favorite shows...

  3. Interesting slippage, Charles: Pulled the axe. I like how you mixed pulled the plug with given the axe.

    Last night, while listening to a snippet of local talk radio, I heard a man say: Give 'em an inch, they'll take a yard. Yes, indeed they will. And god, if they take a yard, a whole 36 inches, then what? (smile)

    I'm sorry to say I never got to see Kitchen Confidential although I am a big fan of Tony Bourdain. Have you caught his show on the travel channel? I've always had a thing for men who are just a little too tall and thin for their own damned good who shamelessly chain smoke.

    For that matter, have you read Kitchen Confidential? Been meaning to borrow it from the library.

    I loved his show on the food channel. He consumed some of the most repulsive foods found on the face of this earth with the greatest abandon and glee of anyone I've ever seen.