It's Online

The HFR issue with the best art, the best cover, and the most stirring special section ("Gender Boundaries") is now online. I mentioned it a few weeks ago when it was published.

Folks, do not miss this issue. The special section is amazing, featuring art, poetry and an interview Sarah Vap and I did with poet Frank Paino.

Brent Armendinger
Elizabeth Bretharet-Lyon
Tammy Rae Carland
Kelli Connell
Hannah Craig
Margarito Cuéllar
Meredith Doench
Juan Carlos Galeano
Matthea Harvey
Bob Hicok
Charles Jensen
James Kimbrell
Liza Kleinman
Alex Lemon
Stephahnie Lenox
Ann Lewinson
Regina Mamou
Khrynn Yvonne McManus
Frank Paino
Juliet Patterson
Benjamin Percy
Thaddeus Ruthkowski
Jeannine Savard
Hugh Sheehy
J. Ely Shipley
Clarissa Sligh
John E. Smelcer
Philip Sorenson
Larissa Szporluk
Sarah Vap
T. Clayton Wood



  1. Okay you have all my friends in there---I feel incredibly left out. I am ordering my issue right now, it looks FABULOUS.

    Charlie, do you know Alex and Juliet they are both from Minnesota? We really need to get you back here.

    If you wear your Halloween outfit I will take you dancing;)

  2. I've never met either of them. :( I've heard of Juliet, though—I think she and I were both in the last Bloom together. :)

    T, the art is so wonderful in this issue, it will blow your mind.

    I definitely have been homesick for Mpls lately. Except I know it's cold and gray there, and one day of cold and gray here and I'm like a big, sad slug.

  3. Love the cover: the pillow with the slit is super erotic.

  4. that is a beautiful photograph

  5. There's a copy in the Creative Writing office here. I showed it off to everyone. Beautiful cover, beautiful insides.