Best of Hitchcock

1. Rear Window
The eyes have it.

2. Rebecca
"We're happy, aren't we, darling?"

3. Shadow of a Doubt
Charlie vs. Uncle Charlie

4. The Birds

5. Notorious
Watch the key.

6. North By Northwest
Cut to: shot of a train speeding into a dark tunnel.

7. Vertigo
Salina, Kansas.

8. Rope
"I can't go on being the gay girl."

9. The 39 Steps
The original "We're handcuffed together" thing.

10. The Lady Vanishes
In case you've ever lost your own old lady.

11. Torn Curtain
Best murder scene ever.

12. Strangers On a Train

13. Frenzy
You'll choose your neckties carefully now.


  1. Oh man, so many of my favorite movies... I have to rent "Rope," though -- that's one I haven't seen yet.

    I love "Dial M for Murder" too. Actually got to see it in 3-D in a theater here a while back.

  2. I just watched my first two Hitchock movies last week. Good stuff.

  3. "Rear Window" is my favorite. then "Vertigo." but he was such a master that there's something good in all his work.

    & I saw "Dial M..." in 3D as well. at the American Cinemateque's 3D festival at the Egyptian Theater.

  4. I can't believe it was available in 3-D! That's totally crazy. I like Dial M also, but not as much as these others. Grace Kelly was wonderful in everything she did.

  5. Check out the North Carolina quarter. Reminds me of the cropdusting sequence in "North by Northwest."

    And I agree with your assessment of "Rear Window."

    Um ... "Psycho" is pretty good, too.