A World Without Poems in It

The past week's break from writing has been great. Some of you may recall that my last hiatus from writing was marked with anxiety and concern, but this time I'm not so worried. I'm enjoying myself, letting myself read, watch a lot of TV, and clean my house. Which needs a lot of cleaning.

I already have an idea for a new project. While wrapping the last ms, I started making notes toward the next project: an even more linked book-length sequence of poems with a more fractured sense of narrative. Maybe characters. Maybe this is more a lyrical novel than poem. My typical concerns (bars, drag queens, loss, men, alcohol, the complexity and banality of relationships) still represented. The new project will be a chanteuse in a smoke-filled bar. Maybe the kind of person who used to do heroin.

It all has something to do with this:

"We are living in a world where the pursuit of all values (except for money, success, fame, glamour) has either been discredited or destroyed." (Party Monster)

It has something to do with this:

"I look for omens everywhere, because they are everywhere to be found." (Carl Phillips)

It has something to do with this:

"Time is an invention." (a t-shirt I bought at Gap a long time ago)

It has something to do.

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  1. The ideas sounds interesting, riske even. Projects, always projects. They keep us sane, I think, sane just enough not to realize it. Right now I'm working on typing a poem on a deck of playing cards. The non-glossy kind only, though. Otherwise it's just plain bad news.

    Who says a book of poems can't have recurring characters? Hell, we've already got the 'you' and the 'I' likely. Why not give them names. But does a name (i.e. James or Sarah, Pooky, Love) specify them to the reader/speaker? I'll have to must on that one for awhile.

    P.S. Hayden's Ferry Review #36 = yes. And the cover.