"Like I said, 'I'm fans,' in the plural."

—Agrado, All About My Mother (Almodóvar)

Watch me go from "nerd fabulous" to "nerd proper" in five seconds:

Today I had the pleasure of discovering yet another Buffy devotee in my life. We were sitting at lunch and she mentioned her plans to go see Serenity this weekend.

When I was in college, when we wanted to find out if someone was gay, we would politely drop into the conversation, "So, have you ever been to the Saloon?" This is a similar instance, although confessing a desire to see Serenity indicates full-on Whedonverse fandom instead of just Buffy love.

"I saw it," I confirmed. "Do you like Buffy?"

Yes, there was reciprocal Buffy adulation, although I nearly immediately exposed the depths of my nerdom by seeming a little too eager to share my own responses to the show. "I even love reading critical essays about Buffy," I admitted proudly. "There's a website."

Naturally, I made the brief version of the Veronica Mars pitch.

Now that Serenity is out, it seems more and more people are coming forward to be counted among the fans of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly (the short lived series on which Serenity is based). That's a good thing. Because, without friends to talk to...all I've got are my DVDs.

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  1. Well, in any event, I've been to the Saloon.

    And I saw an drag queen do the Agrado routine in a show in Puerto Rico.

    I guess that makes me gay.

    Sorry I can't say more about Buffy.