Great Moments in Gay Culture 3

Earring Magic Ken (Mattel, 1992). Companion doll to "Earring Magic Barbie," who in 1993 filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences."

Earring Magic Ken tears up the Castro in his purple naugahyde vest and matching mesh t-shirt. His single pierced ear (the left, naturally—let's not be overt) and two-toned hair are sure to attract plenty of attention in West Hollywood's hottest gyms. All the boys back in Chelsea look to EMK (as he's affectionately known) for the latest trends. Ken's biggest accessory—and I'm talking here about the one around his neck—bears more than a passing resemblance to a proportionately-sized cock ring. It's uncanny.

Let's get a close-up of that fabulous hair:


  1. He's missing an Adam's apple, too?

  2. God I love you Charlie, did you see he has a spare ring sewn into his jacket, for those times when one will just not do.