I was sort of shocked by how homoerotic was the sudden interlude between Chris Penn's character and Kevin Bacon's character in Footloose (which I just saw past the one-hour mark tonight for the first time).

Not only does Bacon offer to give Penn dance lessons (euphemism much?), they dance together, wrestle each other, and yes—they even frolic through a field together carrying their gray 80s boombox.

The 80s were a weird time, especially in light of the fact that Kevin Bacon's dancing in this film was supposed to be considered masculine.


  1. Hey, man, everything I know about being a man I learned from that movie.

    My sisters and i watched that movie to death. We sang and danced to that movie.

    I'm wearing my Kevin Bacon hair right now.

    Too bad it, you know, sucks so bad, because it was really influential for me.

  2. I think frolic is the funniest word in the English language.

  3. I had the same reaction as you earlier this year. And re: the 80's/this topic, see Quentin Tarantino's famously hysterical take on Top Gun.

  4. Boombox, Kevin Bacon's boombox . . . I've been quivering all day thinking of it. hehehe

  5. I liked that movie so much that I bought a Kevin-Bacon-Footloose-hairstyle WIG back in the 80's.

    Can you picture that?

    Strange days indeed.