Boob Tube

My favorite shows (current):

1. Veronica Mars
2. Supernatural
3. The L Word
4. America's Next Top Model
5. Kitchen Confidential
6. Weeds
7. The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

My favorite shows (historical):

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Twin Peaks
3. The Muppet Show
4. Popular
5. Doogie Hauser, MD
6. Project Runway
7. The Amazing Race


  1. Wow, we only overlap with one show!

  2. Until now, your taste in television hasn't been an issue in our friendship.


  3. I once hugged Chip from "The Amazing Race 4." Actually, he hugged me. Unfortunately, I'd never seen the show. Does your fondness for the show extend to all seasons, or just the original one, in which case this comment is pointless?

  4. I like all the seasons I've seen. I started watching the season Blake & Paige played—Paige was one of my employee's sorority sisters; Blake was totally cute; I was rooting for them. There was a "separated" couple who I thought were going to tear each other's hair out.

    I started watching The Amazing Race because of a boy, but I found something in it for myself.

    It's one of the few reality shows in which I'd be a very willing participant—I love scavenger hunts, and I love travelling.

    Have you noticed that Reichen is like, everywhere these days? Poor Chip. Too bad those crazy kids couldn't make it work.

  5. HAve you ever watched any of Deadwood? It's pretty great, and Veronica Mars is in a few episodes, rather out of character.