The number of years ago Matthew Shepard was murdered on October 12.

Seven years ago, I was walking through the lobby of the residence hall in which I was working as a Resident Assistant when I heard on the television that a young man had been found lashed to a fence post in Wyoming and was in critical condition.

We were the same age.


  1. Thanks for remembering, Charlie.

    I remember a memorial service I went to in Minneapolis in honor of Matthew. It was packed. A woman fainted on me, probably as much from the heat as from the intensity of the service. It was one of the few times I've seen the LGBT "community" come together like that, and it was special.

    I hope people don't forget.

  2. This gave me a chill.

  3. Thanks for remembering, indeed.

    I was 16, wondering whether I should come out or not. I did six months later.

  4. For remembering, thanks Charles.

    I was 15, the only girl on my high school drumline. They all thought what I now can understand. One day, at lunch, a girl asked me if I was gay. I was wearing rainbow suspenders. Five years later I came out, age 20. Two years later I tried out for a college production of The Laramie Project. Since then something's been different.