Some Lines I Like a Lot by Lucie Brock-Broido

       No one is
Exquisite anymore. The river is so small now

It will be hard to drown
In It. And still this world’s a pretty one.

What world.

— “Herculaneum”

Here is the maudlin petty bourgeoisie of ruin.

— “Basic Poem in a Basic Tongue”

I cannot tell you this, not now, not ever, even
In the letter I have written that is so epic

That if you were to open it, the pages would sail out
In the wind like confection moths being born

— “Self-Portrait with Her Hair on Fire”

Let me list here the things I wish to bring with me,
For the life after this or that. I will not go back the way I came

— “The One Theme of Which Everything Else Is a Variation


  1. "ljeqfmo"
    This is the phrase the unlocks your
    comments. Oh.

  2. Ooh! Goosebumps! I am going to have to read her again. What book do you recommend? I am going to raid Ohiolink for LB-B.

  3. "Trouble in Mind" is one of my favorite books of all time. The crackling language both undercuts and charges the emotion. At the same time, it seems. Marvelous stuff.

  4. Great lines, I'll have to check her work out again.

  5. Mary, these are all from Trouble In Mind, which I just read. I haven't read any of her other work yet.

    Peter, do read her. She's intense and oddly non-narrative, but things work so well in her poems. She doesn't seem gimmicky, but I think she's an example of a poet writing in her natural language.