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Does anyone know what to do with a long poem?

I've written a couple lately. Churchyard was kind of enough to take a 7-page piece after reading several excerpts from it. I didn't expect that. I continue to excerpt these longer pieces to send them out, but it seems incomplete. I mean, I wouldn't excerpt a smaller poem...so, what does a poet do?

> Are there specific journals that consider longer poems?

> And, if so, what's the best way to go about submitting them? I would feel really awkward submitting eleven pages to a journal.


  1. Doesn't the Malahat Review run a long poem contest?

  2. Mags that are not afraid of longish poems are:

    Kenyon Review
    Southwest Review
    Paris Review (at least they used to, not sure now)
    New England Review (but since you have work in the Fall 2005 issue, we wouldn't consider anything from you until Fall 2006)

    I am sure there are others, but I cannot think of them right now. TriQuarterly published by 240+ line poem "Triptych at the Edge of Sight."

  3. Another approach you might consider is submitting it accompanied by some smaller pieces to various chapbook competitions. This strategy would work well for poems that are 10+ pages.

    It seems to me that there's more options for chapbooks than for long poems.

  4. I had a long-ish poem that stayed at a magazine for a year or so. Finally, they declined it based soley on the fact that the poem was just "too long."

    Anyhow, I sent the poem to an online magazine and they grabbed it up. The beauty of the web is that space is rarely an issue.

  5. No Tell takes long poems (as long as you let us serialize them and publish over the course of the week).

    Of course being that you've already been published there, we request that you wait a year from your pub date before sending more work.

  6. Pequod used to focus in the long poem

  7. Um...The Canary regularly publishes longer poems, and in fact, is currently reading submissions with a specific interest in longer work.

    Please read guidelines at www.thecanary.org

  8. Barrow Street makes a habit of publishing at least one long piece in each issue too, I think.

  9. http://www.atlengthmag.com/ publishes one poem or poem-sequence per issue with a MINIMUM length of ten pages. :)

  10. Thanks for raising this question -- I've been wondering the same thing, as I'm working on a piece that's somewhere between a really long journal poem or a shortish chapbook ms and trying to decide what to do with this in-between thing...