New & Noteworthy

> I have a new chapbook ms. finished. I collected about 30% of my prose poems from the summer, did a bit of revision, and ordered them appropriately. I'm very pleased with how the project turned out. I don't know if this is stand-alone work or a section of a longer work.

> Kris Sanford is working on Stolen, an artist's book in the form of a photo album using found photos of male couples. Matthew Heil and I supplied love poems for each page. One of them appeared in a slightly different form on this blog. It's going to be a beautiful book.

> The Red Mountain Review with my chapbook in it should be available in three weeks...

> My bf purchased Sim City 4 and The Sims 2. We will never leave our house again. My city currently has 13,000 happy little Sims. And lots of Simoleons. (I'm a frugal yet effective mayor.)


  1. 1.) Congrats on finishing the (potential) ms!

    2.) I just saw The Life Aquatic yesterday evening. What an amazing film.

  2. i tried to make two sims have a gay relationship. two dads, a boy and a girl. nobody did their homework. nobody cleaned. nobody decorated. it pissed me off.

    no milk please

  3. I LOVE sims 2! It's sooo much better than the first one. The university expansion pack is pretty good--it lets you have more job choices (psychic, artist, natural scientist). I know of a few good hack/cheat sites too if you're interested. One cheat i use often, cuz I like to design houses, is "motherlode"--it gives you 50,000 simoleans. ctrl-shift-c and then type it in.