Clipboard Check

My favorite meme is the clipboard check: let's see what you've copied to your computer clipboard most recently. Show the world.

No editing:

Do a control-V (Mac users: command-V) in the comment box. That's a "paste" for you drop-down menu users.


  1. Okay, here goes, clipboard says:

    Yay!!! I am so excited! Soon

  2. http://www.poeticinspire.com/morningmiror.jpg

    that's what it said
    (it's on my blog today)

    damn..wiped off that hot love letter right before copy/pasting that link.

    next time you might get luckier:-)

  3. Here goes:

    Snork, indeed. I prefer to crowd total abjectness and despair into a single 24 hours.

  4. Hahaha, here it is

    I'm glad to know I can use those poems. If you have electronic
    versions of the poems you can send so I don't have to worry about
    typos in the transfer from paper to Word document, I would appreciate

    Additionally, could you please send me a contributor-note biography of
    50 words or less?

    Thanks again for letting me publish the poems.

    Steven D. Schroeder
    The Eleventh Muse

  5. Now why is this on my clipboard? Oh yeah... I was sending it on to a friend who may be moving to NYC.

    Dear Colleagues,

    This notice is posted by request of Carrie Bickner-Zeldman, assistant
    director for technology, The New York Public Library. NYPL has a vacancy
    for a Java/XML developer in The Research Libraries/Digital Library
    Program. The job posting is available from


    Barrie L. Howard

    Program Associate

    Digital Library Federation

    1755 Mass. Ave., NW, Suite 500

    Washington, DC 20036-2124


    V: (202) 939-4769

    F: (202) 939-4765

  6. http://www.jefferybahr.com/Exceptional/Poems-2005.html


    Just sent that link to the three No Tell poets he mentioned.

  7. We had a great night at our Greek Fest dinner and Ruby was an angel, barely crying the entire eve and
    sleeping through the night once we put her down at 11pm.

    **From an email I was responding to...

  8. Author: Chadwick, Whitney.
    Title: Women artists and the surrealist movement / Whitney Chadwick.
    Edition: 1st U.S. ed.
    Publisher: Boston, Mass. : Little, Brown, c1985.
    Description: 256 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.
    Notes: Bibliography: p. 244-246.
    Subject(s): Surrealism.
    Feminism and the arts.
    Women artists--Psychology.


    Location: University Library General Collection
    Call Number: NX600.S9 C48 1985
    Number of Items: 1
    Status: Not Checked Out

  9. The bootblack boy on his knees/in the dim of the bar gives himself/completely to the work of polishing

    my oh my . . .

  10. "I'm curious whether you might know anyone doing a story on the radio/podcasting shift... now at the beginning of the wave?"

  11. I clicked ctrl-v and nothing came up. What a disappointment!

  12. 'Just think of it as a runway to the bathroom.'

  13. Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

    So sorry about your recent loss. I remember a year of deep grief, of watching the plants die, the mail stack up & scatter, nothing to do but stare into the vacuum of me and a good book. Philosophy, mostly, the entire football team of Western Civ., Pedagogy of the Oppressed; the blank comfort of natural history magazines, studies of wolves; the ironic stare of vacant shelves, packed books & the yawn of empty boxes. Not talking for days to a soul, the perverse pleasure in arranging my life so that is so. I know. Every grief is splintered, layered. Why I find comfort in a coat of paint, in looking in on Stanley's hand-hewn life, the photos of poetry embossed in the gray matter with love, and smiling: "Live in the layers!" Yes, read. That's how I ended up with an ABD in History of Consciousness. Yes, go to the Ironic Points of Light. You know the way. Best to you & yours, and love.

    2:01 PM, August 02, 2005
    weird & convenient
    as I just posted this to my blog
    & addressed the comment to you as well
    "I am so sorry about your recent loss. . ."
    I have been thinking of you, since.