Submit to It

Where should I send some of my work? I'm putting submissions together and need advice.


  1. Charles: I don't know which of these read in summer: Bloom, Zyzzyva, Hayden's Ferry, Crazyhorse, Jubilat, Poetry, Prairie Schooner, Ploughshares, are a few that come to mind when I think of your work (what I've seen of it on blog and elsewhere). And don't forget NER!

  2. RHINO is currently considering poetry submissions! Check out our guidelines...


    Little magazine, big horn.

  3. Charlie has been in Bloom. Damn fine poem too. I love NER but feel odd about submitting there. Anyone else feel this? I would do Mid-American, Pleiades is producing damn fine work, and Hunger Mountain. My goal is to get into Beloit this year if it kills me. It might kill me. I just sent off a Poetry submission and I kissed the envelope. Oh the insanity.

  4. A lot of journals don't read in the summer, including NER.

    "Patient Zero"
    "Clean Slate"
    "Blood Gospel"

    Something tells me they would make a great submission packet. ;) Email me for more advice. Off to Napa today.

  5. Cortland doesnt read in the summer either. Whimsy Speaks has a great list of publications and reading times. I will mail it to you.

    C.D. have a great time in Napa and I hope you know the "odd" was meant in a good way. I'd rather know you then submit to you. Btw, this does not hold know true to everyone lol.

  6. The Eleventh Muse is always open. http://www.poetrywest.org/muse.htm
    Yes, you published there before, but it was before I was editor! And we're perfect bound now! :-)

    Other places I recommend for summer submissions include National Poetry Review, Cranky, and River Styx.

  7. I know that Octopus ONLY reads in August. The new web zine (debuted today, I think) New Hampshire Review is reading now, too.

  8. ZYYZZVA reads year round and responds very quickly (sometimes under a week), but is restricted to writers living on the West Coast & Hawaii.

    Northwest Review reads year round.

    The Canary will be reading again in August.

  9. Charlie,
    Here's a link to several journals reading this summer, although I don't think it's really what you're asking for it may give you some ideas.


  10. Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments is still accepting poetry for our upcoming "Metropolitan Mosaic" issue. The issue is out September 10, and poetry is accepted through August 1. www.terrain.org or www.terrain.org/about/submit.htm for guidelines.

  11. Gargoyle reads ONLY in the summer. Their latest issue was stellar.