Final Artist's Book Project

Here's my final project for my book arts class.

It's called "Proof." The binding is made to look like a tiny interdepartmental mail envelope

Inside are: minature file folders! They're about 4.5 cm by 7.5 cm.

The first tab is labeled "NY." Inside are a map, photos, pieces of a poem, and a timeline.

The second tab is "SF." Same type of materials inside, but all different. The photos are actual photos—in miniature.

The last tab is "LA."

This is the Colophon. It says, "'Proof' was manufactured in an edition of one because the minimization of AIDS in America continues to this day."

If you put all the timeline pieces together, you get this. Three men kissing.

The number three is important to the book. Three cities. Three is the number required to make something increase exponentially. 3 x 3 x 3...


  1. OH, this is lovely.

  2. hey, I'm really into book arts and I love this
    poignant besides clever
    makes it art
    that feeling the page
    into concept-ion
    awesome closure
    out of a plain file
    into life & love

  3. Three cheers, Charles.

    And one word: simply stunning.

    Okay, that's two. Take it as compliment.

  4. Very cool; I love all the layers and folds . . .the way it's held together.

  5. Wow, this sounds amazing. Wish I could see the real thing.


  6. Oh my! And that picture when the pieces are put together...wow. Love it! Bravo.