Artist's Books

Here are two of my three book arts projects:

1. Altered Book

I took the book An Outline of Psychoanalysis and turned it into a book called Outline Analysis:

Here is the cover.

I'm skipping the first page because I'm unhappy with it. Here is page 2, in the chapter on dreams. The text says:
When the important dramatization brought me insight
the effect took the dream and then I said goodbye.
my legs given the the dream but when down he died.
fatalistic love
the deeper death spoken which movements and
exploring the long past the modern past.

In the chapter called "The Search for Glory": two plastic surgery diagrams. The text says:
There is no observable change
toward the ideal.

Last page, chapter called "Effects of Derogatory Attitude Towards Female Sexuality." I carved in a diagram of a cow with arrows pointing to the locations of its by-products. Text says:
We are people's minds and thus become some objectionable product.

2. Two Words

This is a copier book made in an edition of 18. The cover folds out to reveal the book; the book then folds out in a sort of folded-quilt pattern, juxtaposing these faces with couplets.

I have two copies left from this edition (numbers 17 and 18). The first two bloggers to ask for them will get them mailed to their home at no charge.


  1. Me, me, me!

    That books looks amazing. Mr. Jensen, what other talents do you have?

  2. Hey check out this article http://www.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=7885
    it's about a guy who cuts up books too. :)

  3. Does that mean Jilly isn't asking? I'm asking. I'll pay you, though, somethin' or other. Great work, Charles. I'd love to take a class like that. Did you read the Humument for it (or before it)?

  4. I've wanted to mess with books, too. The closest I've gotten is taking pop paperback discards from the library and going thru them with a highlighter, picking out interesting words & phrases. I've done that all of twice, I think. I'm so ambitious.

    Can those of us who didn't pipe up in time to get a copy at least know what the words are to the quilt book?

  5. These are wonderful, Charlie.

  6. any "leftovers" are always welcome in my adobe abode.

  7. Beautiful beautiful. Where is this class you're taking?

  8. Charles: these are really incredible, fine work. I love the erased texts in the first book. I wish I weren't so late chiming in, I would have wanted 17 or 18 of the second book!

  9. does this mean you actually have 18 of Two Words?? i want one! how much??

  10. Okay, so looks like the winners are Eduardo and Emily! Email me your addresses.

    Glenn, the poem in the book goes like this:

    "We blanket
    the grass with spun cotton.

    That morning
    I had lost everyone.

    There is no
    warmth. Cold sunlight. Flu.

    Those I met
    died one by one in under a year.

    Small patchwork
    tombstones with true epitaphs.

    Is my name
    there. Am I wasted. A disposed life.

    After names
    there is so little we really call our own."

  11. Gee, maybe I'll make a second edition...

    The first 16 books of the edition were turned in for class. To err on the side of caution, I made extra in case any were damaged during production—17 & 18. I don't have any more than that...

    But thanks for the comments, everyone! I have one more book project to post about, so stay tuned...

  12. Hey Charles,

    Why don't you give the book I "won" to Peter. We'll call it a late birthday gift from the both of us. It's time we gave back to the peters of the world. They've given us so much! Oh, so much!

  13. Oh Eduardo: you are so sweet! I don't need more gifts, but I'd really love to have the book. I'll back channel the both of you.
    (hehehe . . . I know what you're thinking . . . now, behave!)

  14. Thanks for posting the poem.