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For Deborah: Things You Didn't Know About Me

>In the past four years, I have gained 45 pounds.

>I've never stolen anything from a retail store, but in high school I once outsourced the theft of Allen Ginsberg's Cosmopolitan Greetings from a suburban Milwaukee bookseller.

>I never wanted to be a poet. Growing up, I wanted to be a filmmaker. Secretly, I wanted to front a rock band.

>I play three instruments: trumpet (7 years), piano (1 year of lessons), and guitar (self taught).

>In college I marched in a homecoming parade dressed as a human condom. I distributed condoms to the crowd.

>In the float that lined up across from us: Jesse Ventura and his gubernatorial campaign staff.

>I lived in residence halls for seven years.

>In high school, I was elected my class's Prom King.

>I wore black Reeboks to prom.

>I smoked for seven years/quit three years ago. I bit my nails for 20 years/quit two years ago.

>The religion most compatible with my spiritual beliefs is Quakerism (in a liberal form, naturally).

>I had my eyebrow pierced three different times in my life: twice during college and once during grad school. I also pierced my left ear and my bellybutton in college.

>After I pierced my belly button, I gained 20 pounds and couldn't show it to anyone.

>The only non-literary celebrity I've met in real life is Chris Isaak. I drooled and nearly passed out.

>I don't like New York at all, but I am obsessed with San Francisco and Los Angeles.

>I have been photographed naked.


  1. >I have been photographed naked.

    That's HOT!

  2. Damn! C. Dale beat me to it! *LOLOLOL*

  3. naked? hmmmmmmm... how did I miss the url for that?

  4. 45 lbs? I can't believe it. I saw you in April at AWP and you were very svelte. (grin)

  5. Ahhh I like the Jesse one but I think ppl are going to be stuck on the naked one for quite a while;)

  6. Thanks for playing!