Into Perfect Boys Such Holes Are Pierced

Yes. You can believe the hype surrounding Siken's Crush. I'm only halfway through it and already it's one of my favorite books of the year. It's different. It's risky. It's visceral. Those things I love.

Big kisses to Louise G for letting this one nose its way out of the ms pile.


  1. Now tell me--are you getting a Gregg Araki vibe off of Crush? I totally did.

    At my library's $5-a-bag booksale this a.m. I found a copy of L'Engle's Many Waters. You weren't kidding about the soft porn--Sandy and Dennys stripped down to their briefs, chests gleaming with sweat by the 8th page?

    Nice post title.

  2. I have still never seen a Greg Araki movie. Didn't he do The Living End? That was big when I was a film major, but I never got to it. From Crush I get so many vibes: there's the sado-vibe, the heartbreak-vibe, the idealism-vibe, the love-is-vibe, the melancholy-vibe, the I-know-I'll-never-love-this-way-again-vibe...the beautiful-vibe.

    Did you pick up the L'Engle? Are you gonna read it through?

  3. Good lord, Charles: you gotta see that (The Living End). It has all those vibes. Reading Crush, I could imagine Araki filming it.

    Yep, picked up the L'Engle and wil; try to read it through--though I'm already missing Meg and Charles Wallace.

  4. Em and Chas (wow, you have permission to hit me for that one)-- now that ya'll mention it, I can see the Araki vibe: homoeroticism, violence, love for the straight guy, love for the one who will break your heart again and again, love for everyone but the self, etc . . .