Young, Sexy, & Literary

Name some young, sexy writers you can't get enough of.


  1. Peter Covino. Terrance Hayes. Oni Buchanan. Dorothy Barresi (in a very earthy way).

    -- James
    (I'm bi-poetic).

  2. Sarah Vap
    Chuck Jensen

  3. I'm gonna take a broader definition of young than the Yale Series and say Peter Pereira and Rebecca Loudon. This is based on writing, though--never met them in person.

  4. I have a little crush on Emily Lloyd. ;)

    Also: Jhumpa Lahiri looks really, really beautiful in certain pictures, doesn't she? See the author photo on the paperback version of INTERPRETER OF MALADIES.

    I think my big crush is Martha Cooley. I really must smooch with her at some point. This must happen.

    I suppose this is my way of confessing that I do, in fact, enjoy fiction a great deal.

  5. I am going to be cliche'

    Dave Eggars.

    I want to write a book like Heartbreaking.

    Plus he understands the pulse of San Fransico better than any other author out there. (I think)

  6. I dunno. I'm gonna have to agree with Em, and add Jeanette Winterson to the mix.


  7. Aleksandar Hemon, fiction writer, but his writing is pure poetry. Do you know of him? Emigre from Sarajevo. Author of The Question of Bruno & Nowhere Man. The best fiction writer in English for whom it is a second language (his English was rudimentary when he arrived here about 12 years ago) since Joseph Conrad. (Or rather, Nabokov. Is there anyone else I haven't thought of?) Anyway, the guy can't write a boring sentence (Ok, that's what the NY Times book review says on his book jacket, & I agree). He was born in 1964. Does that qualify?

  8. Edwidge Danticat hands downs and Olena Kalytiak Davis if my love is not available. Sad fact: I have a photograph of Edwidge tucked in a book on my writing desk so I can moon over her when I think I write crap. She is stunning.

    Oh and that Jensen boy b/c he wears my glasses.

  9. I'm going with Mark Wunderlich and I'll second Olena Kalytiak Davis. And I keep hearing of this Charlie Jensen guy, but I can't make him out behind those glasses and that naughty smile.

  10. Oh yeah, how could I forget OK Davis?

    Charlie, I might pick her over you....