Vacation / All I Ever Wanted...

I'm officially on vacation. This means for the next five days I'll be:

>Transcribing the March interview Sarah and I did with D. A. Powell, which is actually a joy because he speaks slowly and plus, Sarah and Doug are adorable;

>Playing around with an idea I have for the prose poems. Something chapbooky.

>Cleaning my office.

But today I'm going to treat myself by buying Ben Folds's Songs for Silverman and Tori Amos's The Beekeeper—both overdue in my life.


  1. Hey Charles: Have a great time; and don't forget to tie one on (in honor of your book, of course . . .grin).

  2. Enjoy yourself! *wave*

  3. guess who's seeing ben folda and rufus wainwright together in august?

    oh wait, it's me!

    enjoy the cd--it's a good one

  4. The 1st half of The Beekeeper has become a perma-CD for me, meaning, of course, that it accompanies me most anywhere and fits as both background or focal point for most any mood. The 2nd half, on the other hand . . . reminiscent of Boys for Pele and some of her B sides, if you know what I mean. Have a drink when you get to about song 10, though you won't need it.

  5. Tori was very formative for me. I have lots of stories.

  6. Charlie,
    Let me know what you think of Silverman. I've listened to it once at a friend's house and I'm still debating about dropping the $$ on it.

    Woody, I saw Ben Folds and Rufus together last year. Are they touring together again??? EEEE! I loved it. I listen to the mp3 I downloaded of the two of them singing "Careless Whisper" any time I feel down.