Spam: It's What's for Dinner

Lately I've been a bit tickled by the "senders" of my spam emails. The names are...memorable. I'd like to share a few of my favorites:

Fokker G. Magnificent
Prohibitionist R. Migratory
Maturing D. Cosigners
Conservatory M. Druid
Ludwig E. Shorthorns
Bacillus O. Penetrate
Ineligible B. Revision
Mercury C. Gunpowder
Swirly R. Retaliatory
Literature R. Sympathizing
Connive L. Xeroxes
Amnestied M. Enticement
Knuckling Q. Dinky
Austin J. Merrily


  1. ooooh...Swirly....cool...

  2. Jeez. I only get crap from Julie Wide Open (which I once opened thinking Julie Dill was prankin') and Vi Agra (which I once opened thinking Julie Dill was prankin')

    It's hard to even narrow it down to a favorite here, but I'm going with Amnestied M. Enticement. Or Knuckling Q. Dinky.

    (PS--Charles, did you read my notes on Crush at Great American Pin-Up? I had you in mind a but when I wrote them, because I figured filmboy you at least would have seen The Living End...)

  3. Knowing that someone, somewhere, was paid to come up with these names has renewed my faith in capitalism.

    So, I should probably go get drunk.

  4. Bacillus O. Penetrate!! Hahaha.