Hot Man On Man Action (hMOMA)

It's getting hot in here, and not because it's summertime in Arizona. Check out the foxy studs I'll be sharing my nights with:

Richard Siken (Crush)
Mark Doty (School of the Arts
Dan Bellm (One Hand on the Wheel)

And just for good measure, these ladies will be hanging out:

Harryette Mullen (Sleeping With the Dictionary)
Gina Franco (The Keepsake Storm)
Jenny Factor (Unravelling at the Name)

I'm calling it pornetry.


  1. My oh my: what a lineup. What is the event?

  2. I really started digging Siken last night. That second section steps things up.

  3. I picked up Jenny Factor's book in Provincetown a couple of years ago -- it's pretty nice stuff. And School of the Arts may be my favorite of Doty's, although I'm probably just swayed by all the doggie poems, sap that I am. ;)

    I'm not familiar with Dan Bellm -- will be curious to hear what you think of him (and of all those others as well, for that matter)!

  4. Peter: the event is me reading books at home. ;)

    A.D., I'm champing at the bit to get into this book! Thanks for the encouragement to get started.

    Anne, D.A. Powell recommend Dan Bellm to me--I actually met Dan really briefly at AWP. I'll definitely share my response with you.

  5. Charles, I am a lucky girl. Thanks so much for reading.

    --And by the way Buffy died yesterday (end of season five) and I'm between Netflix fixes. Spike sobbed like a baby and so did I. NOW what?


  6. Also, I LOVE Harryette Mullen's Dictionary. I often teach the first two poems in that collection because they're so damned good and they teach you how to read the book.


  7. Charlie--Alberto's back! Check out:

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  9. Gina--it surprises me that more folks have not made the natural leap from Netflix Buffy addicts to Netflix Alias addicts. Sure, I know you think you don't like Jennifer Garner, but did you like Sarah Michelle Gellar before you saw Buffy? And yes, it does incline one to think badly of JG when learning that her affianced is Ben Affleck, but are you so in love with Freddie Prinze, Jr.?

    (Of course, you may have been watching Alias all along...but for this girl, Netflixing Alias, which I had never watched, started at Season 1, has done wonders to fill the post-Buffy void...)

  10. Personally, I feel the best Buffy void filler is Buffy, but I'm such a rabid fan I watch them in one continuous loop: when I reach Season 7, I start over again at 1.

    I'm desperate to watch Alias. I tried getting in on the second season, but then I almost didn't want to ruin it. I do want to see it from the beginning...

  11. Ah, Charles: of course the home reading list. I am so slow on the uptake sometimes. School of the Arts is on my to read list as well.

  12. Emily, Charlie,

    good advice on both ends. Gracias.


  13. Charliebird,

    when you're ready, starting at the beginning of Alias is the only way to fly--there's a lot more carry-over from season to season than in Buffy, which tends to have one or two giant arcs per (as you're well aware [grin]).I just started this January--have to admit I LOVE watching TV series this way--I get off work at 10:30 PM and still couldn't help burning through six or eight episodes a night. I started off just hoping to get into Alias--it beyond-exceeded my expectations.

    Also: re prose poems--I hadn't written any until your first post, the Dietrich one. Now I've written two, at least one of which I really like. Two for me is mega-output--probably about the equivalent of your thirty--so I thank you for that post.