I realized today I've been employed by universities for 9 of the past 10 years:

Receptionist (Study Abroad Office)
Research Project Data Entry Person (Curriculum & Instruction Dept)
Resident Assistant
Summer Administrative Assistant (Residential Life)
Student Involvement Committee Chair (Bijou Films)
Residence Hall Director
Graduate Hall Director
Graduate Teaching Assistant (English)
Adjunct Faculty (Humanities)
Project Coordinator


  1. I see you have yet to teach violin to 5th and 6th graders. Let's get together sometime and compare notes. Also, check your mail. Snail, not e.

  2. If you even think more about it they were all state schools. So in essance the state has paid for all of your drinking the past 9 years.

    Sorry I missed your call, sorta bad news, Jen lost her job last night. It would be supa-dupa cool if you called her. 414-243-4803

    In other news, I got a call back from a job I applied to yesterday.

    The world is fucked up sometimes.

  3. PS. The world isn't as fucked up as this cartoon though.