Therapist with a Google Inside

I haven't posted this for a long time—for quite a while, I wasn't getting any hits from search engines. But it seems like now it's back again...and yes, it's better than ever.

Recent Googles:

metrosexuality lyric
Charles IX
Ferdinand de Saussure Lehman reader
scoobies fashion string design
burning chair readings
D. A. Powell C. R. Jensen
Alex Trebek rapist therapist
buttfucker camp
fuck for life
texture rhythm
pretty vaginas
dream dictionary zombies*
cynical therapist
AWP Vancouver
porcelain chicken Jensen
Sandover gay

*Current "Best Google Ever Ending at TWDI Ever" titleholder.


  1. Are you, in fact, a porcelain chicken?

    If so, I officially envy you, on behalf of all us polyester muskrats.

  2. Wow, Charles. You take the cake in using the term 'pretty vaginas' in a post. That is, if you can call it a term. Which, I guess for your sake, we will. Best.

  3. Iron and Wine - Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cover) from the "Garden State" soundtrack. Has any one guessed yet?

    The soundtrack has been on repeat on my computer for about a week now.