Reality TV: It's Not Just for Reality Anymore

American Idol Update

I don't know what those judges hear. I am probably tone deaf. I liked (in this order):

1. Carrie
2. Anthony
3. Bo

My bottom three were:

1. Constantine
2. Vonzell
3. Scott

It's clear to me that Scott is the next on the chopping block.

Confidential on the Amazing Race

You can have your Chip-and-Reichen. I'll take Lynn and Alex any day. They are so adorable.

(well, okay. I might take Reichen too. But just Reichen.)

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  1. You know, I actually liked Constantine, and I never do. With ballads, he's always so smirkily "I'm so cute." Last night I thought he showed some from-the-gut power--stopped caring about smarmily seducing the audience for a few strong seconds. My top 3 (not in any order): Constantine, Vonzell, Carrie (to whom they seemed really unfair--she was every bit as good as Pat Benatar). Bottom: Scott, Nadia, Federov (someone should tell him that he oversings--tries too hard to sound like "a good singer". My brother does this, too. Sigh)

    I have no idea what the hits of 1974 were. I think I'd've been stuck singing "Afternoon Delight"...