Google Wonderland

The latest Googles ending right here:

narrative writing on smoking
design principle rhythm
baseball poems for parents
the ideology of buffy
looking at figurative language poems
rebellion in poetry
worst poem by Adrienne Rich
the killing of frank o'hara (title of one of my poems!!)
naughty therapist
fucking your therapist during your meeting**
what is disjunctive syntax
therapist for coming out

**current Best Google Ever award winner


  1. 'fucking your therapist . . . ' very impressive.

    the current leader for my own blog is 'horny housewives in mokena' mokena being near the town I grew up in

    keep up the good googling

  2. How interesting that someone searched for the "worst poem by Adrienne Rich"! I wonder if s/he ever found "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"?

  3. Woody, now that you've added "horny housewives" to my comment section, I have no doubt that Google will start leading those folks here, too. :)

    And Emily, don't think I'm crazy or dumb, but I like "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers." There's so much tension in it between tradition and rebellion—even down to this sort of prefeminist critique buried in a very conventionally male rhyme/meter scheme...