For Emily Lloyd

Dear Emily is thinking about the Alabama queer book-ban and wrote a poem about a queer epiphany from childhood. Inspired, I'll toss mine in the mix.

Biblical Knowing
        —after Madeleine L'Engels Many Waters, for Emily

Strapping teenage boys, jocks
with cocky attitudes and quick smiles—

the twin Murray boys, Sandy and Dennys,
left to their own devices among the strange devices
of their scientist parents, then absent,
tumble headlong into the time

of loincloths, of blond boys with their skin so tan
the new hair of their arms goes white,
combed into neat Zen garden rows.

The two mauve rosebuds of their chests
taste the dry air and bloom.

Oh Sodom.
Oh Sodom.

Let me be alive like this,
half-naked and deserted where I sense soon,
soon, torrential rains
will douse the land. I will be—yes—
carried away,

teenage boy with the heart half-broken
stumbling darkly toward its long-lost twin.


  1. Oh, that's gorgeous.

  2. Oh my God, you amaze me. Thanks for that beauty, Charles. (I liked those Murrays myself.)

  3. That book was total soft core porn.


    Or, at least, my visioning of it was.

  4. Oh Charles . . . (fans himself) . . . this is fun.
    -- Peter

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  6. Everybody needs a little time away
    I heard her say
    Far away from each other...

    Oops. That was way off. I meant to say Peter Cetera, former lead singer of Chicago. Yikes! Why do I know that? I forget the song title, but isn't it something like, "You're the Inspiration." Wait, maybe the song was released by Chicago??

    Shit. My head is full of shit.

  7. aha, that is one my favorite books. I have it signed by her. Damn I must be a girl I never saw the porn lol.