Canada, Annex Us, Or: The Happy Anschluss

I was so pleased and sincerely excited to finally meet in their flesh those on my blog roll (plus some) who were able to go this week in Vancouver: Aimee, Tony, Dale and Jacob, Julie, Kelli, Laurel, Peter, Zack, Shanna, and Woody, as well as to see again Oliver and Sue. Thanks to all of you who came up to me and said hi, because I'm very shy. Until I've had a few drinks and there's a dancefloor ready, or until I've had a few drinks and am in pointing range of Brenda Shaughnessy. (My apologies go to Kelli, who came up to say hi when my blood sugar was nearly dead, I was tired, and had to wait for food. I am not usually that off-putting.)

And more shouts out to the ENORMOUS Arizona State contingent. I think we far outweighed any other writing program representation. Also, we were very cold.

My other highlights (in no order):
>Dale's poem "Torn"
>the smell of Mark Doty's leather pants on Robson Street
>Aimee Nez and her manfriend
>Being introduced to tons of cool people by D. A. Powell
>Seeing Wallace Shawn! At an AWP event!
>Flaming Sambuco shots
>Meeting Merrill Feitell (this is a long story and I'm sure both she and Brenda Shaughnessy are processing restraining order paperwork right this minute)
>Having girly drinks with Woody at the sports bar where you can throw your peanut shells on the floor
>The Sandbar restaurant on Grenville Island
>Hearing that Charles Flowers read one of my poems at one of his panels
>Thanking editors who have published me
>Spending my paycheck on books
>Canadian money: it's just more fun to spend because it's pretty
>Finding approximately 90938475 new poets to read, and getting started on the plane ride home

It's been a long day, folks, and a long week. I'm going to post some pics and then be bed-like.

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  1. Dude, I looked out for you the whole time, to no avail. You saw WALLACE SHAWN for real? I'm so jealous.