AWP Poem

My Night with Brenda Shaughnessy
     Based on actual AWP events

I saw her pass quickly
from the glassed patio and its black rain

I said, "Brenda—
I love your work"

We were both
so drunk

and as she pushed a heavy door open
she said, with an odd look,

"This is the ladies' room—"
It was all I needed to hear.


  1. I like this poem because it has my name in it and I like any poem or book or movie or blog or blog post with my name in it because I have a gigantic ego and I'm sure it's always about me even when I know it isn't.


  2. Q. Do you think the whole world revolves around you?
    A. I know for a fact that it does, yes.

  3. LOL. This poem is so funny. I don't know who Brenda is, but it doesn't matter. Thanks for this.