4 Eyes

A week after my eye exam (at which I told my prescription needed to be lighter), I got off my duff and went to get a new pair of glasses.

Although my blog photo rarely reflects this, I always wear glasses. And that old adage—"Boys don't make passes at boys who wear glasses" is fairly true.

Anyway, after getting dilated last Friday and trying—really trying—to pick out frames, i gave up. For some reason the dilation made me see better without my real glasses on. It was a total Peter Parker moment. But I suspected I might be in love with this certain pair of frames...but I just wasn't ready (or able to see enough) to make a commitment.

Today, spur-of-the-moment, I went back, bought the frames, and even got Transition lenses (which will hopefully do well in Arizona's 300 days of annual sunshine).

Look for the new frames in five to seven business days.


  1. Charles:
    I thought you looked great in glasses at AWP. Studious but sensuous.

    I gave up on contacts a few years ago when I became officially "Bi" (bifocals, that is). I love the new super-light frames they have now. And its fun to have a few pairs to accessorize with.

    PS: I thought the adage was "boys with glasses have the nicest *assets*."

  2. Charlie and Pete-
    I'm going to be getting my first pair of glasses soon. . . all the late night reading has finally led to myopia. Mostly need the specs for night driving and reading signs.

    What's hot in eyewear? Any tips on what to keep in mind? I feel like I'll make a bad choice when picking out glasses and end up not nailing the 'studious but sensuous' vibe.

  3. Peter—"Studies but sensuous"--I love it! It's an upgrade from "nerd fabulous." PS., I can't believe for one second you're old enough to wear bifocals.

    AD—I'm fairly certain you need no accessorizing in order to capture that "studious but sensuous look." I saw the pics in Aimee Nez's blog. You can fool me (when I'm wearing my glasses).

  4. AD: Just bring a nice hot gay guy friend along, and have him pick you some "frames to die for."