If anyone missed Carrie Underwood's phenomenal rendition of Heart's "Alone," you can catch a rerun of it tonight on Fox—apparently some kind of phone number mishap is causing a rerun of last night's performances. It's the best performance I've ever seen on an Idol episode.


  1. Charles, No results show tonight?! What happened? Do we all have to vote again?

  2. Carrie was good, but I thought just as good was Sierra doing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

    And my man Scott turned in a solid Phil Collins performance.

    Is it just me or has Paula been drunk the past couple of weeks?

  3. Tony,

    Too funny! Jacob and I must have said at least 4 times last night that Paula was drunk!! The woman is out of control.

  4. And I thought Carrie and Sierra did fine jobs, but I hate to admit this: I thought Bo Bice gave one of the best performances of the night, and I don't usually like him. Weakest performances? Toss up between Constantine and the Federov guy.

  5. I wasn't hip on Sierra's performance. I like her a lot (she, Carrie, and Nadia are my favorites; I also like Anthony too because I think he's a queer).

    What was up with Paula kissing all over Simon? But: like we didn't all see that coming.

  6. Television Without Pity made a big deal about Paula acting drunk, too. (If you don't read TWoP, it's well worth it. "Spare the snark, spoil the networks!")

  7. Gotta pass the Idol stick your way, & jump in here! I may be back soon, tho. Who knows? ...

    Constantine still rocks my world. I was thinking just last night about how I left Keith Partridge off my fictional character crush list, & he was my first crush! (age 5) An egregious error!

    Bo makes the crush list now too.

    I just downloaded "Alone" on the iPod, reliving my "I wanna be Nancy-or-Anne Wilson" phase---if only someone wd cover B-52's, Deee-Lite, Kirsty MacColl! Carrie was good.

    "Total Eclipse" is hard to cut to 1 minute. It's a 6-1/2 minute song. But she did OK.

    I voted for Scott twice: he's the only one who consistently sings in tune. I hate that they keep drawing attention to the fact that he's not conventionally "attractive." I kind of feel sorry for him, but he's a very good singer.

    Nadia's hair was the worst thing to hit AI ever, excepting maybe Jon Peter Lewis's dancing last season.

  8. PS I don't blame her for kissing all over Simon. I wd be too. There's something about him.... You don't gotta be drunk for that....